Great Teacher

“Kat did a great job! She assessed my skills then went over problems to help answer my questions and to solidify them in my mind. I would recommend her to anyone.”~Scott, 3 lessons with Kat on Wyzant

My daughter learned a lot!

“Kat is an excellent and understanding tutor and we will definitely be asking Kat for more help. Kat knew the material and found specific areas where my daughter could advance her own related knowledge.”~Laura, 1 lesson with Kat on Wyzant

“Thanks so much for all your extra help this semester, you have been a joy to have as a teacher. All the extra help you have given me has helped immensely and I can’t thank you enough for it.”~G. J., UIndy student

“Thanks so much for your patience with me…it helped immensely….Also I feel very ready for 221 thanks to you….Again…thank you.   I learned SO much about how to work in a difficult class.”~R. H., Ivy Tech student

“On another note, the way you’re teaching is very efficient….You provide so much help, resources, notes….Again, I have huge respect for you and enjoy your class very much.”~J. N., Oakland student

Student Evaluations from the University of Chicago

“Kat is an angel who LaGrange’s holy ghost sends down from the heavens to save the poor physics students at UChicago.”

“Kat was extremely helpful. I often found myself totally confused and bewildered by the problem sets, and she was extremely patient and supportive during her office hours, and I always left with a firm grasp of how to do the problems. She also came to our midterms with cookies which is always appreciated. She was one of the best TA’s I have had at UChicago.”

“Kat was amazing! She was very thoughtful and took into consideration student’s opinions on what should be done during discussion. She was many times better than my TA last quarter. I appreciated that she had a short participation question at the beginning of discussion which got us thinking, and also that we did examples in small groups and then discussed them after. The example questions done in discussion were relevant and gone over at a good pace as well. Once again I appreciated the above and beyond effort she put into discussion (bringing candy on Valentine’s Day and putting stickers on graded assignments) and thought she did a great job overall.”

“I don’t think I can say enough flattering things about Kat to properly do her justice. I was so lucky to have a TA who was as eager to help as she was. I was always comforted knowing that she could answer my questions and provide me some sort of guidance, which is why I never felt lost in the class. She also has a strong grasp of physics and was good at giving the main idea behind each concept. She really is the ideal TA.”

“Kat knows each person in her discussion and gives personalized notes on our homework of things we need to work on. She always is encouraging.”

“Kat was really, really passionate and enthusiastic about TAing this class, and it showed. She cared about us as students. She didn’t make it easy for us, but I feel that she materially contributed to my understanding of the course content, instead of just telling us what we needed to know to finish the problem sets.”

“Kat is a terrific TA. Her solution sets were extremely in depth, far more so than the official solutions. Her discussion sections are always informative, and she is very willing to make time to work with students one on one. Furthermore, she has a gift for explaining material that students find confusing.”